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May of 2013: China & Vietnam


China: Shanghai

Vietnam: Hanoi

Vietnam: Thai Nguyen

Vietnam: Halong Bay

China: Beijing

China: Chengdu

China: Tiger Leaping Gorge

China: Shangri-La

China: Lijiang

China: Guilin

China: Longji

China: Hongzhou

China: Huangshan

China: Hongcin

China: Lutsuen

China: Bamboo Forest

China: Chengkan

China: Shanghai 


China: Lutsuen


Upstream from Hongcin is the town of Lutsuen.  Here, 80% of the people have the last name "Lu."  It was founded by a guy who had six wives, eighteen sons and sixteen daughters.  We went into his house as part of a tour.




During the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960's, soldiers and young people defaced old, historical carvings and statues.  If you notice, all the faces are scratched off.  Deng Shiao-Ping, however, took an interest in the past.  He made certain towns historical and cultural centers for tourism.  All of the Chinese folks we talked to thought the Cultural Revolution went too far.  Interestingly enough, in 212 BC, the Prince of Ch'in became Emperor of a new China.  Titling himself the Yellow Emperor, Shih Huangdi tried to burn books and erase the past, including the writings of Confucius, who tried to preserve the past.  He did this to create a new China, his China.  He only allowed books on agriculture and other subjects he thought were useful.




An example of a stove.  You put charcoals in the holes, and it heats burners on the top.


Keeps the food warm.  Put coals on a pan on the bottom, put your food on the shelf.







A foot warmer.  You sit in it, and have coals underneath.


Our driver showed us his house.  The bamboo table doubles as a bed.  It's cool on a hot day.


Our driver also did some farm work.  Here he is, getting a delivery into his living room.



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