The Nagasawa family photos

May of 2013: China & Vietnam


China: Shanghai

Vietnam: Hanoi

Vietnam: Thai Nguyen

Vietnam: Halong Bay

China: Beijing

China: Chengdu

China: Tiger Leaping Gorge

China: Shangri-La

China: Lijiang

China: Guilin

China: Longji

China: Hongzhou

China: Huangshan

China: Hongcin

China: Lutsuen

China: Bamboo Forest

China: Chengkan

China: Shanghai 


China: Hongzhou


Hongzhou is the Beverly Hills of China, apparently.  There were luxury car dealers on one street:  Ferrari, Porsche, Masserati, Aston Martin, etc.  We went to the West Lake National Park; stayed for a night and a half day, and then took a bus to Huangshan.







This kid was trying to wet us with his water bottle!  Spoiled?





A tea shop.  We got some nice green tea from here.



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