The Nagasawa family trip to Italy and France:  June 12 - 30, 2008




June 12    Fly to Rome June 21 Fly to Marseilles
June 13 Arrive in Rome June 22 Drive to Les Barcares
June 14 Rome June 23 Sigean Animal Reserve
June 15 Assisi, drive to Venice June 24 Priory of Serrabona
June 16 Venice June 25 Collioure
June 17 Drive to Florence June 26 Relax in Claira
June 18 Florence, drive to Siena & Orvieto June 27 Drive to Barcelona
June 19 Orvieto, drive to Rome June 28 Relax in Claira
June 20 Rome June 29 Drive to Marseilles
    June 30 Fly back to Boston

(the links are the days in purple; click on them to see pictures)


June 26, 2008:


Another day of relaxing.  We walked along the beach in the morning, picked up seashells and made sand castles.


Then we went to the pool at Andre and Nicole's!  A very proper squirt gun fight ensued.




Chicken fighting in the pool with Uncle Richard and Auntie Mari.


Uncle Richard took me to play petanque, a popular game for men in France.


Another delicious dinner:  tomato and cucumber with a light vinaigrette, bbq sausages and beef, and lentils with red onion and a great sauce.  It was followed with cheese and wine, of course.  :)


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