The Nagasawa family trip to Italy and France:  June 12 - 30, 2008




June 12 Fly to Rome June 21 Fly to Marseilles
June 13 Arrive in Rome June 22 Drive to Les Barcares
June 14 Rome June 23 Sigean Animal Reserve
June 15 Assisi, drive to Venice June 24 Priory of Serrabona
June 16 Venice June 25 Collioure
June 17 Drive to Florence June 26 Relax in Claira
June 18 Florence, drive to Siena & Orvieto June 27 Drive to Barcelona
June 19 Orvieto, drive to Rome June 28 Relax in Claira
June 20 Rome June 29 Drive to Marseilles
    June 30 Fly back to Boston

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June 25, 2008:


In the morning, Richard and Mari, along with John and Zoe and me, took a swim in the Mediterranean.


Then, we went to a nice restaurant to treat Papa Andre and Mama Nicole. 


Lucas investigating John's belly button.  Yes Lucas, it's really there.  :)


A nice outdoor table for all of us.


Andre and Nicole enjoying one of their favorite restaurants. 


Three types of Catalan wine:  blanc, rose, and rouge (red).


The appetizer - Ming ordered pate.


The appetizer - I ordered a special cheese wrapped in prosciutto ham on a bed of vegetables.  The olive oil and balsamic vinegar were yummy.


The main dish - Ming ordered a fish dish of salmon, white fish, and ratatouille.


The main dish - I ordered a succulent cut of pork on couscous and green beans.


The dessert - here's the amazing thing:  It was a buffet.  We tried little pieces of all of this side of the table...


...and this!!!  The raspberry tart was my favorite.


Here's the whole family, very satisfied and happy.


Then, to work off the meal, we went to a small coastal town called Collioure, a few kilometers from the French-Spanish border. 


The ancient terraced vines in the hills behind the town also produce the famous Banyuls (Banyuls AOC) apereritif and desert wine.


Not that we had any room in our stomachs left over after the beautiful lunch.  But where else can you find crepes, churros, and gelato?!?


Zoe was really hot, so we took a walk along the cove (see below).  It's a beautiful beach, shallow water that is made a little warmer by the sun.


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The beautiful Collioure cove.