The Nagasawa Family Photos

June - July 2019


We took the kids to see and hike Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyons, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Monterey Bay. Then we attended a 25 year reunion of Mako's Christian fellowship friends in Monterey.


June 17 - 18: Zion (Weeping Rock, Sinawava Temple, Watchman Trail, Emerald Pool)

June 19: Zion (Scout's Landing, Kolob Canyon)

June 20: Zion (Overlook Pass); Bryce Canyon (Rim Trail, Queen's Trail, Navajo Trail, Wall Street Trail, sunset)

June 21: Bryce Canyon (sunrise); Horseshoe Bend 

June 22: Antelope Canyons; Grand Canyon

June 23: Grand Canyon; Sedona (Bell Rock)

June 24: Sedona (Crescent Moon Park)

June 25: Joshua Tree 

June 26: Yosemite (Mariposa Grove)

June 27: Yosemite (Vernal and Nevada Falls)

June 28: Yosemite (Upper Yosemite Falls)

June 29: Yosemite (Tafts Point, Sentinel Dome, Glacier Point)

June 30: Yosemite (biking, Yosemite Village, Mirror Lake)

July 1: Yosemite (Lower Yosemite Falls, boating)

July 2: Yosemite (Tuolomne Wilderness, Lembert Dome, Dog Lake, Olmstead Point)

July 4: Monterey Bay (whale watching)


We left Zion National Park. On the other side of the tunnel was Canyon Overlook Trail. The hike was short, and the view was spectacular.



Strange chimney-stack like formations. What caused these? 


This nice sign named the peaks. 


Here's my own version.



Driving further out of Zion, we saw checkerboard formations on the white granite rock.


Before getting to Bryce Canyon, we saw the Red Canyon suddenly pop out from forested land.




This is the majestic Bryce Canyon National Park.







The unusual patterns of erosion occur because of different rock materials. The materials on the top were actually more resilient.


This is an example, called Thor's Hammer.












This structure is called "the Queen."













A dry riverbed, showing where the water once flowed. When the snow falls and melts, these riverbeds fill with runoff.






This trail portion was called Wall Street Trail. It went through tight passes between rock towers, colored spectacularly.











All these formations have nicknames... "temple"





But we nicknamed this "the Black Gate of Mordor"!


"Thor's Hammer" again





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