The Nagasawa Family Photos July, 2014

Acadia National Park



July 12: Portland, Maine:  Lunch at Duckfat Restaurant

July 13: Eagle Lake, Cadillac Mountain

July 14: Sand Beach, Beehive Hiking Trail, Otter Cove

July 15: Bar Harbor

July 16: College of the Atlantic, Thunder Hole

July 17: Bar Island, Wonderland Tidepools, Sand Beach

July 18: Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, breakfast, Jordan Pond, driving home






We stopped at a restaurant in Portland, Maine that we've heard lots of good things about:  Duckfat!  Where they cook everything in duck fat.  


This is our friend Ashley, who came camping with us!  Many photo credits to her.



They cook their french fries in duck fat.  There are two kinds:  regular (with dipping sauces) and poutin (with cheese and duck gravy).  We ordered both!


This is the order of poutin fries.


John got the sandwich board, with relish and duck corndog.


I got the duck confit panini.  Delicious!


We split a strawberry salad.


Zoe got the tomato fennel soup.


Ashley got the white haddock sandwich.


For dessert, we got donut holes, fried in - you guessed it! - duckfat!



Then we took a walk around Portland's coast.







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