The Nagasawa Family Photos

August 2022


Our beloved Laine family (Mako's sister Mari, her husband Richard, and their kids Lucas and Gabrielle) came from France to visit with us from August 4 - 25! Here are some of our adventures.


August 6 - 7: Boston, MA:

Freedom Trail and Cambridge


August 14 - 17: Cape Cod, MA:

Camping at Nickerson State Park, whale watching, Provincetown, biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail


August 19: Boston, MA:

Biking around the Arboretum


August 21 - 22: Portland, ME:

Ogunquit Beach, Duckfat, and Eventide


August 22 - 25: Intervale, NH:

Hite's Peak, Diana's Pools, Black Cap Mountain



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