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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our little space on the web. You'll find a family photo album here to keep up with us as a family.  You can also find out about our household based ministry to our urban neighborhood in Boston, MA. 


You can find information about Mako's involvement with the The Anastasis Center for Christian Education and Ministry, including our most recent prayer letter.  Note that our letters are password protected for people who are already invested in praying for us.  To join our team, please feel free to email us. 


Please browse through our writings and reflections.  To contact us directly, please email us here



Ming & Mako




Correspondence with JR about whether Jesus is the object of the Father's wrath

discussion from Facebook,

January 2020


Christian Restorative Justice: The Urgency and the Possibilities (ppts)

Emmanuel Gospel Center,

Jun 14, 2017


Correspondence with TF about the Goodness of God and the Will of God

short discussion on Facebook,

last updated May 17, 2017


Correspondence with ELS & MT3 On Penal Substitution

short debate on Facebook, Apr 2017


Correspondence with KH On Penal Substitution

debates with an Arminian Southern Baptist,

last updated Apr 7, 2017





Christian Study & Action Curriculum


Big Questions About God: Contrasting Early Church and High Federal Calvinist Theologies


Evangelism With the New Humanity Paradigm


Hell as the Love of God (and ppt)


Hell as Fire and Darkness: Remembrance of Sinai as Covenant Rejection in Matthew's Gospel


Illustrations of the Atonement


Atonement Theology: Why Everyone Should Care


Atonement in Scripture


Penal Substitution and Ontological Substitution: A Historical Comparison


C.S. Lewis' Theology of Atonement


The Theology of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter


Romans 9 - 11: Predestination and Free Will, Hardening of Hearts, Outreach to the Jewish Community


Christian Restorative Justice: The New Jim Crow (ppts)

video from Reality San Francisco,

San Francisco, CA,

May 2016


Christian Restorative Justice: Financial Reform (ppts)

video from New Hope Fellowship

Baltimore, MD,

May 2015


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