Papers and Reflections:
    Our Household's Recommended Reading List

    Work, Progress, and Justice:  A Literary Approach to Christian Ethics

    Abiding in Christ:  Spirituality for Urban Ministry

    The Gospel and the Healing of Shame

    Life in the City:  A Biblical Theme Study of the City

    Bible Studies for Urban Youth

    The Tension Between the Ministry Center and the Ministry Periphery

    Planting Household Teams

The following list of on-line resources was taken from the web page of Emmanuel Gospel Center (

I. Topical Guide to Urban Ministry

Articles, Books and Links

II. Urban and Ethnic Ministry Directories and Guides

III. General Urban Ministries

(National & International, or Local + non-local)

IV. Local Urban Ministries and Boston Urban Ministries

V. Educational Programs and Institutions with Urban Ministry Training


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