Here are some organizations that we know or partner with to serve the Boston urban community:


Arise Urban

In partnership with churches, and in service to them and the community, Arise is an agent of God's love and healing power to racially and socio-economically diverse individuals both in the United States and internationally, through dynamic and creative Christ-centered counseling, training and support services.


Chinatown ACCESS:

ACCESS American Chinese Christian Educational and Social Services, Inc.  A Christian agency with a multiracial board, staff, and corps of volunteers. Mission is to empower Chinese families in and around Boston, with a focus on immigrant communities, bridging cultures and generations with a holistic Christian approach.

The Boston Project

The Boston Project Ministries is a neighborhood-based Christian organization which equips young people from diverse backgrounds to serve people in our city and around the world as a demonstration of their love for Jesus Christ.


Emmanuel Gospel

The purpose of Emmanuel Gospel Center is to understand and help nurture the vitality of the Church in the context of the broader urban community, particularly in Bostonís low-income and immigrant communities where the work of the Church is so critical.


Bruce Wall

Bruce Wall Ministries is a Christian non-profit social service organization that is focused on developing children and families academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The goal of the PREP Community Computer Center is to provide residents of Dorchester with free or low-cost training and access to computers, the Internet and software.  Most instructors are computer professionals who volunteer their time to teach computer classes. 


PREP Enterprises:

PREP Enterprises is a youth-run business within the PREP Community Computer Center. PREP Enterprises provides commercial Web design and development. It is supported by a group of volunteers from industry and institutions such as Harvard and MIT who provide mentoring expertise and experience.  Mako has supervised the youth business for 3 years.


Association of Christian Community Computer

AC4 was formed to support Christian community computer centers across the world as they address the Digital Divide by providing others with computer skills to make a living and a spiritual foundation to make a life.  Housemates Liza, Jen, and Khary have worked there.