The Nagasawa Family Photos

August 2020


During August 12 - 13, I took John and Zoe up to White Lake, NH to see the Perseid meteorite shower. The camera was having some problems so we didn't get night shots of the meteorites, but there were some awesome ones! Then in August 17 - 21, we went with friends to the Shawme Crowell campgrounds in Cape Cod.


White Lake has a very shallow section which is nice for little kids. Mount Washington is the high peak on the right side.








On August 16, our friends Anthony Beckford and Beth O'Handley got married. Beth's parents set up a nice tent in their backyard, because of the rain. Due to the COVID pandemic, they had a smaller wedding but it was a lot of fun! Photo credit: Olivia Armstrong.


On August 17 - 21, we went to Cape Cod. Here we are at our campground in Shawme Crowell. Toneva relaxing.


Some of the kids playing in the hammocks.






Here we are starting on the bike trail along the Cape Cod canal.


The kids worked hard!



The Sagamore Bridge



We had ice cream and raced back!


Shauna and Jesse relaxing in their hammock.


We learned how to use our pizza stone over a campfire. It gave me an appreciation for how hot brick ovens need to be in order to get great pizza crust.


Sunset at the Old Silver Beach.