The Nagasawa Family Photos

June 2016


Zoe got contact lenses for the first time! She spent a long time practicing taking these contacts on and off.



Then John gave a speech for his work program:  LEAH, which stands for Leadership through Education, Action, and Hope.  LEAH was actually founded by my friend Dishon Mills about ten years ago!  John is a mentor to elementary school kids through LEAH.  His site supervisor says he's done a good job (this is his second year).   





Here we are celebrating the birthday of Liza Cagua-Koo!







Our friend Alain graduated from high school!


And our friend Dr. Joan Jeung finished her one year fellowship with Harvard Medical Center.  Russell and their son Matthew had a fun year in Boston.  Here we are at one of our favorite restaurants, Merengue's, a Dominican place.


Trip to NYC to attend the wedding of Jared and Marissa, and then see the play The Crucible























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