The Nagasawa family photos Jan, 2010

Epcot Center again, Jan 8th


We started the day leisurely.  Zoe loved reading The Ranger's Apprentice book 2 on this trip.  It was neat for us to see how Zoe's inner world is developing.  She definitely likes the same kinds of books John does:  epic adventures.  She recognizes courage and bravery as important, along with love and humor.  It was also great to see how Zoe thought of her friends and wanted to get them a gift.  Her thoughtfulness was cool.  Zoe also wasn't so into the Disney experience.  She was just as happy waiting with Ming while the boys went on roller coasters.  


Zoe didn't like the loud noises on most rides.


There was an aquarium on the theme of Finding Nemo.


Bruce the shark swallowed John and Zoe, and that poster on the side of his throat.


A dolphin presentation!


Then we went to the Mexico section of Epcot.


The inside had a fantastic night market ambiance.


Complete with mariachi band.


And sombreros for sale.


We visited the China section hoping that the Chinese acrobats would be performing again, but alas, not until 3pm. 


Small replicas of the terracotta soldiers.


We noticed that there were Japanese looking cheeks on the statue on the right.  Hmmmm.... evidence of ancestral ties.


Zoe tried on a blue chipao.  Then, she was content to put it back on the racks.


We stopped in the France section again, and ate pastries.


The kids pretended to be mannequins in the window.


Here we are in the Canada section. 


Then we went to the Sum of All Thrills ride when Zoe and John designed their own ride.


No, John didn't wet his pants.  But he did sit on a wet park bench.



Ming and Mako then went to dinner with friends Peter and Charisa Kim!  They happened to be there also.  Sadly, Mako forgot to take pictures.  Grrrr....  Meanwhile, the kids had fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  And that's the end of our trip!


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