The Nagasawa family photos January 2010

Disney's Hollywood Studios again, Jan 7th


We went to Hollywood Studios again.  It actually got up to 60 degrees today!  More people were at the park.  This was the only roller coaster that took us upside-down.


Here was the Twilight Zone ride that was a free-fall elevator.


The entrance to the ride - quite spooky.


John and I sat on the edge of the "elevator".


Ming coaxed Mako to audition for American Idol.


Here was the small office that we went into.  Mako sang "When I Fall in Love" and made the first cut!  But he was eliminated at the second cut because he didn't have a tenor voice.  Boo! 


John and Zoe were given a gift certificate by Auntie Patti.  John got a crossbow at the Star Wars shop.  Zoe got a cookbook for kids.  And they took a picture together to put their faces on a Luke and Leia scene.


This was one of the small river taxis that motored around the canals.


One of the other Disney resorts, on the theme of the big Southern plantation.  There were an amazing number of resorts on various themes:  Caribbean, New Orleans French Quarter, pseudo-Polynesian huts, etc.


We got to Downtown Disney, greeted by this lego sea serpent.


In the Lego store, John and Zoe enjoyed making some Lego men.


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