The Nagasawa family photos Jan, 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Jan 6th


Here we are again, hoping for a warmer day.  It was slightly warmer than yesterday, but still collllllldddddd.


We first went to the "Africa" section.  We went on a safari ride where we pursued imaginary poachers...


And saw alligators!  Probably caught in the Florida swamps?


The Pangani Forest trail was a microcosm of Africa's wildlife. 


First, we went birdwatching.  John was especially eager to identify birds.


We saw these small, bright yellow and green birds, and I forget their names.


And a larger bird calmly looking down at us.


We went inside where John showed his grandparents how much he knows about frogs and toads...


And showed them a tarantula...


Here it is!


Getting a good look at those teeth and inspecting them for cavities.


Two meerkats


Comparing handprints with a gorilla.


Then we went on Rafiki's Planet Watch, where we took a short train ride to...


"Affection Section," where we petted and brushed sheep and goats. 


John whistled for a cow to turn around, and it did!


In "Conservation Station", we learned a bunch about rain forests.  The spider was some kind of projection, but it looked real.


Behind a glass window, we saw a mandrill getting a root canal!  Poor mandrill.


Yes, it really was a mandrill.


John and Zoe enjoyed seeing a Shrieking Hairy Armadillo.  Yes, that is it's name.  We didn't hear it shriek...


But we could see it was hairy.


John was feeling a bit wound up, so he went to get a beer.


We all went to "Tusker's Restaurant" which featured an all you can eat buffet line.  It was awesome.  Let me indulge you with some pictures.


Salmon on the left, and vegetables on the right.  My plate on the bottom.


Seafood on the right, then a rice dish, an Indian chicken curry second from left, and then a pearl couscous with sweet basil.  I tried it all.  Mmmmm....


One of the many dessert counters.  All you can eat baklava!!


Along with tarts and lemon squares.  I was in heaven.


We walked off our huge lunch by going to the "Asia" section.  The Siberian tigers were quite big.


Zoe was impressed.


John liked seeing the deer, and liked knowing that the deer were separated from the tigers.


In the distance, a mock up of Mount Everest.  A roller coaster ride was on it.  I think it is the equivalent of the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland in Anaheim.  Did I tell you that I think Disney took some major rides out of Magic Kingdom, and put them in other parks?  Star Tours is not in the Magic Kingdom, but in Hollywood Studios.  Hrm.  Sneaky.


Our lunch restaurant gave us special passes to the musical version of Finding Nemo, which took 30 minutes.  The line we avoided must have been a mile long.  Thanks to my resourceful wife Ming, we avoided it all and marched right in and got great seats up front!


They did a fantastic job with the scenes, costumes, and lighting.


Simply awesome.


In Dinoland, John played a game trying to be the first to bop 15 dinosaur heads.  I want to point out that kids don't play these games - adults do.  Notice that everyone else playing was an adult???  That little kid in the foreground was standing next to his mom.


We went to a ride based on the movie Dinosaur by (who else) Disney.


Then we rode down the roller coaster on Mount Everest.  Ming and Zoe opted out and got this great shot.


Back at the lodge, the kids ate PBJ's.  Disney food is expensive, as you can guess.  The ever-resourceful Ming brought two loaves of bread, sandwich meat, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, grapefruit, and 3 bags of clementine oranges.  So at least one meal a day was a sandwich.  Whew!


The kids were surprised by an invitation to decorate cookies, by Disney staff.


And on our way walking back to our room, I tested out the night setting of my digital camera.  Pretty impressive, eh?



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