The Nagasawa family photos Jan, 2010

Disney's Epcot Center, January 5th


Here's a picture of us walking around the hotel area.  We stayed at Port Orleans, which had a New Orleans theme.


The lodge where meals are served.


Inside, right next to the giant water wheel.


Getting to Epcot - once again, it was cold!!


We watched a 3D movie "Honey I Shrunk the Audience".


One of the rides - modeled after GM's test safety engineering department.


Standing next to the crash dummies.


The car is the fastest ride that Disney made.


The next ride:  Mission Space


It was a simulator of a mission to Mars, which twirled around to change the feeling of gravity.


Then it was off to lunch - this is Morocco.


And our restaurant...


Grandpa and grandma with beef kabob, couscous, and vegetables.


Ming got Couscous M'Rouzia Fassi (a dish with beef, prunes, honey, vinegar, and sesame seeds with couscous and eggs).  I got Lamb Meshoui, a cut of lamb with pureed eggplant on the side with zucchini, tomato, and herbs.


Here we are at the Japan exhibit.




Zoe liking the girls' outfits.


Posing outside the castle.


Listening to the Taiko drums


Outside the France section.  See the Eiffel Tower in the background?


Comical waiters doing an acrobatic routine.


That bottom chair is standing on four bottles!  Wow!


Outside a French pastry place.


In the Great Britain section, a tea house!


John and Zoe pretending to find an entrance to the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter series.


Grabbing a chocolate crepe in the France section.


Then we say in the Italy section, which was modeled after the Plaza of San Marco in Venice.  We read the second book of a series called "The Ranger's Apprentice".




A juggler doing a great routine.


Next to the Germany section, seeing the trains.


In the China section. 


Red is such a Chinese color!  The Japan section was more plain with natural wood colors and white.


We saw a a team of Chinese acrobats, a circle vision movie of China, and then grabbed two baos.



In the Norway section, John was caught trespassing on the grass.  :)


I guess trolls are a big aspect of Norway's ancient stories.


Then we went back to the "World of the Future" to the "Universe of Energy".  John and Mako got to design their own game!


Two people at a time got to ride in this movable arm that simulated the ride you designed.


And then we watched the fireworks!



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