The Nagasawa family photos Jan, 2010

Disney's Hollywood Studies, Jan 4th


The entrance on another cold day, but today was sunny!  In the 50's.


The Star Wars area - almost getting stepped on by an AT-AT walker.


Then, we took the Star Tours ride, which was a bumpy but fun excursion to the first Death Star, in the path of Luke's first mission.


We found an Endor speeder outside.


The kids pretending to hit a bump in the road.


Then we saw the Indiana Jones stunt show.  This was one of Mako's favorites.


We sat off to the side but got a good view.


This was the classic scene where Indiana and the German officer fought in front of the spinning blades of the airplane.


After lunch we went to a playground modeled after "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"


Big dog nose with loud sniffing sound.




Then we went to a backstage special effects show.  Here was an explosion sending water down a cliff towards us...


And John looked away!


Some Narnia artifacts were housed here...


Including the stone table!


Outside was a giant replica of Mickey's hat.


Despite the 50 degree weather, the kids wanted to swim in the pool back at the hotel.  Being responsible parents, we stayed in our warm jackets and watched them swim.


The pool water was nicely heated.


To round off our day of "Hollywood" we went to Planet Hollywood, of course.


Notice that we are wearing really warm clothes inside?  For whatever reason, they had the air conditioning on, and it was cold, inside, too!


Ming glancing at all the odd things hanging from the ceiling and walls.


The kids having their minds numbed by the music video playing in front.  Later, one of the male staff danced solo to Beyonce's All the Single Ladies


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