The Nagasawa family photos Jan, 2010

Disney's Magic Kingdom, January 3rd


The entrance to DisneyWorld.  Notice the warm clothes we're wearing?  Orlando, FL was under 50 degrees!!  The sun didn't come out all day.


MainStreet.  Check out the people behind us, who kindly posed for our picture, too!


Zoe getting a better view of the fireworks and show outside the castle.


Oh no!  John and Zoe got imprisoned with Zurg, the villain from Toy Story.


A live action shot on the spinning tea cups.


Zoe having a great time on the carousel.


Ming looking behind at Mako and John, hoping they won't rear end her.


John and Grandpa, Mako and Zoe


Ming and kids riding Aladdin's carpet.


Here we are climbing the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house.


And Dad's and John's favorite, Space Mountain.


John needed some persuading to get on, but afterwards, he said this was his favorite ride.  Zoe didn't like it so much.


After dinner at Wolfgang Puck's in Disney Downtown, we went to Goofy's Candy Shop.  It was full of goodies.


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