Here are some family pictures from May - July 2003.  Enjoy!


John and Zoe enjoying each other, playing on the bed in John's room.

John:  "Look Zoe, here's that camera again."


 Zoe: "Huh?"

Rosy cheeked Zoe teetering and keeping her balance.

This is the sun hat Ming got for Zoe.  Zoe's taken a liking to it.

John is actually trying to smile for the camera here, (both left and right).   

He's started to understand how to put on a somewhat fake smile for pictures.

Here's John in a more natural pose.

Here's Dad with the two squirmy kids.

This was the first time Zoe ate cheerios.  What a cutie!

Notice how fast Zoe's bangs are growing?

Ming is getting Zoe accustomed to reading the morning paper.  This is Ming's favorite morning pasttime.

"Gimme a hug!"

Zoe started crawling just before July 4th.  Here she is on June 18th practicing.  Zoe generally has a fairly no-nonsense, curious attitude towards the world.  She doesn't perceive it as scary, which John did when he was younger.  Does that mean Zoe will move farther away when she grows up?

CJ had a 2nd grade graduation ceremony on June 19th.  He was very excited in the morning to wear his suit to school.  We went to the ceremony and it was a hot, packed event!  Congrats CJ!

Here we are with Anna going to CJ's school ceremony.

John amused himself in the classroom by coloring.

On June 20th, we flew out to LA to visit with Mako's parents.  Zoe and Dad did a little cheek to cheek here.

Here's Mako's mom with the kids at the park that Mako played in as a child.

Ming pushed John and Zoe.  They both love the swings.  Zoe doesn't seem to mind being pushed kind of hard.

She also doesn't mind just sitting there, either! 

We went with Mako's parents to Huntington Beach.  John was excited to go to the beach for the whole trip.  When we finally got there, he went charging into the water. Zoe really didn't like the waves, though.  She got scared of the incoming tide.
Zoe enjoyed some cold milk under Grandpa's umbrella. And John liked to play with the sand.  We would bury him up to his neck, and he'd burst out of it.  Here he is wearing those stylish blue diapers that he wore two summers ago.

John, Zoe, and friend Anna Bailey