Here are some family pictures from home posted April - May 2003.  Enjoy!


John and Zoe like hanging out in the crib.  "Hey!  Who covered my eye?"
Dad can't get as much work done as he used to with a little girl to play with! Another pink outfit.  It really is amazing how many there are.
John has been really affectionate towards Zoe.  He looks after her and often tries to make her laugh.   Here's that winning smile.
For a few weeks, Zoe really liked the fish mobile that grandma got from Mexico.  She just watched them turn and turn and turn... Alas, it couldn't keep her attention forever One of John's paintings.  Mako thinks it resembles Jesus rising from the dead.  The half circle is the cave entrance in the background.  You can then see Jesus' head rising and arms lifting.
Left and right are close up pictures of Daddy tickling Zoe.  On some occasions, some slobber falls onto anyone who tries this. 
Napping is one way Daddy feels connected to Zoe. See the resemblance?  Mom and Zoe just after Zoe's bath.