Here are some family pictures from home posted Thanksgiving of 2002.  Enjoy!


Remember John going trick or treating in an oversized costume last Halloween?  This year, he fit into his Pooh Bear pumpkin outfit just fine. Here's Zoe, looking enviously at the candy.
John loves to sit with Zoe on the couch.  Here he is striking a Zoolanderish male-model pose. John's hair looks a little more normal in this picture.
On Sunday, Nov.3, our next door neighbor Hyacinth (CJ's mom) threw a baby shower party for Ming.  She invited a few friends from her workplace... ...who, quite generously, made food and brought gifts even though they didn't know us. CJ loved all the attention from the people he knew.
Another shot of John and Zoe on the couch. One big difference between the two kids is that John has the disproportionately big head common among some of the Nagasawa's (particularly Mako and his dad).  Zoe escaped without that gene.  Another is that Zoe is very self-contained.  She's content most of the time, whereas John really liked attention. If you look carefully, you can see that John grouped the blocks by their shapes.  Mako gets excited at this because it suggests that John is a J on the Myers' Briggs (prefers order, decision and closure).
Zoe's favorite pasttime is being held by mommy.  Mommy's favorite pasttime is trying to read Carol Shields novels. Zoe has a very cute little dimple on her left cheek.  After lots of pictures, we finally got it on film!
Scenes from the vibrating chair.
Here's John in his fashionable sleepwear, getting ready for bed.  Ming's mug is filled with Orange and Spice herbal tea. 
Digital camera Regular camera
"Daddy's fleece is kind of nice." Zoe is nestled in our green blanket.  Great way to beat the winter chill.
John sneaking up on Zoe. "ROAR!"
John was given a Chinese outfit.  When grandma and grandpa Wei came to visit, CJ wanted to try it on him. Digital camera.  That's really good color, isn't it?
Ming's brother Paul gave us this gift:  a fold-up bus.  CJ loves it. Here's CJ getting ready for school.  It's the first challenge of the day getting him out the door at 7:10am.
John says, "Dilla" for "quesadilla."  By the way, he doesn't use hair spray, mousse, or gel.  It's au naturale.