Out of Eden: A Christian Study and Action Guide to Food and the Environment


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Leaders Notes

1.  Sugar:  Did God Make Poison?

2.  Corn and Corn Subsidies:  When Your Addiction is Someone Else's Allergy

3.  Plastic:  When Your Choices Mutate Someone Else's Baby

4.  Meat:  What's the True Cost?  And Who Pays It?

5.  Food Waste:  Are Greed and Gluttony Still Sins?


Related resources:

* A Relational-Restorative Justice Approach to Food and Environment (links to resources on food, environment, ecology, health care)

* Does the Bible Have Evidence of God's Design?  A Sociological Glance which may be of interest because I refer to the sociological uniqueness of the Old Testament throughout this curriculum




Restorative Justice in Politics 

Christian Social Justice: Introduction to Restorative Justice

Christian Social Justice, Part 1: God's Creation Order as the Foundation of Christian Restorative Justice

Christian Social Justice, Part 2: Restorative Justice Over Libertarian and Meritocratic Justice - Critiquing the Right

Christian Social Justice, Part 3: Restorative Justice Over Libertarian Morality - Critiquing the Left

Christian Social Justice, Part 4: Restorative Justice in the International Realm

For more information, please see:

* The Atonement: The Meaning of Jesus' Death God is undoing the corruption in human nature; patristic medical theory vs. Calvinist penal substitution theory

* The Question of Evil and the Christian Response: Jesus' New Humanity God is solving the problem of human evil in a loving way



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