The Nevi'im - the Prophets

The Prophet Isaiah by Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel

Notes on the Prophets

From Garden to Exile:  A Thematic and Canonical Analysis of the Old Testament

The Seven Prophets:  A Thematic and Canonical Analysis of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel

The Treisar: A Thematic and Canonical Analysis of the Book of the Twelve Prophets

Gentiles as Servants of the Sanctuary:  The Significance of the Gibeonites in Joshua and the Canon

The Theme of Women in Judges, and the Portrayal of Deborah as Leader

The Troubling Acts of God:  The Destruction of the Canaanites (ppt part 1 and part 2)

The Troubling Acts of God:  Did God or Satan Make David Sin? (2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21)

Hope Filled Full, Part Two:  The New Testament and the Hopes of Isaiah

What Did the Suffering Servant Suffer?  Isaiah 53 and Penal Substitution

The Peace of God: A Reflection on 2 Kings 5:1 - 19


Helpful books and articles

* Glenn Miller, The Killing of Amalekite Children (Christian Think Tank, May 2001) regarding 1 Samuel 15

* Eleonore Stump, God-Sanctioned Violence (video, Jul 6, 2010)

* Greg Boyd, Must We Deny Biblical Infallibility to “Disarm” Scripture? A Review of Derek Flood’s Disarming Scripture: Part 1 (ReKnew blog, Apr 13, 2015)

* Greg Boyd, Disarming Flood's Case Against Biblical Infallibility (ReKnew blog, Apr 14, 2015)

* Greg Boyd, Disarming Flood's Inadequate Conception of Biblical Authority (ReKnew blog, Apr 15, 2015)

* Isaiah 53 at Qumran (Hebrew Streams)

* Tom Belt, Toward a Theology of Violence (An Open Orthodoxy, Apr 18, 2017)


Messages on The Seven Prophets

Joshua Two Incomplete Conquests:  The Land and the Heart
Joshua 24 Our Need for Another Joshua
Judges Cycles of Defeat and the Need for a New Deliverer
Samuel God's Search for a New Mediator
Kings None of Those Guys Were the One We Hoped For


The New King, the New Eden, and the New Garden Glory

Isaiah 2:1 - 4

Ripples of God's Salvation: From Zion to the World (and ppt)

Isaiah 2:1 - 4

Christian Mission: Imperialistic? Authentically Jewish? Am I Called to Do It? (and ppt)

Isaiah 6:1 - 13

God Calls the Prophet (and ppt)

Isaiah 13:1 - 14:27

Babylon: Your Sin is a Magnet for More Sin (and ppt)
Isaiah 19:1 - 20:6 Egypt: Place Your Trust in God, Not People (and ppt)
Isaiah 44:1 - 20 Even When You Feel Vulnerable, Don't Give Yourself to Anyone Else
Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 Is There Hard Evidence That Jesus Was Fairly Amazing?
Isaiah 53:4 - 6 The King Who Entered Our Sin and Suffering (and ppt)
Isaiah 58:1 - 7 God's Cry for Justice, Part 1
Isaiah 58:8 - 14 God's Cry for Justice, Part 2


God Will Rewrite the Script on Our Hearts


God Will Inhabit a New Temple


Small Group Leader Notes on The Seven Prophets

1 Samuel 16 Anointing Doesn't Mean Instant Authority
1 Samuel 17 Standing Up and Standing In
1 Samuel 18 - 19 Learning About Mediation By Benefiting From It
1 Samuel 20 No Divided Loyalties
1 Samuel 21 - 22 When the Mantle Passes to You
1 Samuel 23 - 24 Peace at Last?
1 Samuel 25 A Woman to Match the King
2 Samuel 1 The Bittersweet Victory
2 Samuel 5 - 6 David's Mistake #1: Pride and Restoration
Samuel & Psalms Life & Psalms of David
Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 The Suffering Servant
Isaiah theme Theme of Fire and Purification


Messages on The Treisar, Book of the Twelve

Jonah Running Away from God's Mission
Micah 4:1 - 5:15 God Will Be Our King
Haggai Build the House of God


Small Group Leader Notes on The Treisar, Book of the Twelve

Zechariah 9 The Coming of Israel's King
Zechariah 10 The King Will Regather the People
Malachi The Theme of Fire in Malachi



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