Proxe Stations

Proxe Stations

These are large interactive displays designed to connect spirituality with various issues and questions people ask. 

Is a Good Friend Hard to Find? (instructions and conversation tree)

Whose Justice? (instructions and talk on Christian Restorative Justice)

Whose Justice? Harvard Law School version

What Can We Do About Evil? (and instructions and conversation tree)

What Can We Do About Evil? (smaller)

Que Podemos Hacer Sobre La Maldad? (for the Asociacion Dominicana de Estudiantes Evangelico, 2014)

What Can We Do About Evil? brochure version

What Story Do You Live In? (and associated message)

Does the Good Outweigh the Bad? (and instructions)

Race - What's the Problem? (and instructions)

Race - What's the Problem? brochure form

Find Your Heart's Desire? (and instructions and theology of desire)

Is Religion Just a Cultural Thing? (and instructions)

The Bible - Gospel, Guide, or Garbage?

Who Do You Think Wrote This? (and instructions)

How Much of an Atheist Are You? (and instructions)

Your Body: Does it Have a Purpose? (and instructions) 

How Much Truth is in Harry Potter?

Rate Your Last Relationship 

What Are You Here for Anyway? (and instructions) 

God, Peace, and Violence (and instructions) 



All the proxe stations are rooted in a strong theology of atonement in which Jesus heals the corruption of sin in human nature.



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